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The NYC Animal Defense League is a local chapter of the larger internationally active grassroots animal rights organization, The Animal Defense League. The NYC ADL chapter participates in local and international pressure campaigns, often collaborating with other chapters to achieve campaign victories. The ADL comprises several experienced organizers and numerous dedicated activists who work together in a decentralized manner, nurturing activist skills and development. The NYC ADL has achieved success in fur campaigns against some of the largest fashion brands, effectively implementing fur-free policies.


The Animal Defense League (ADL) fights for the rights of all animals. We demand change by applying relentless pressure on corporations, stakeholders, and consumers. Through strategic advocacy and grassroots mobilization, we strive to bring about meaningful change for animals.


picture flyer for the fur free weekend event

We call on LVMH, a leader in the luxury fashion brand industry, to a take a compassionate and ethical stand by ending the sale of fur items and enacting a fur-free policy. The fur industry is associated with cruelty and suffering for countless animals, and it goes against the growing global movement towards ethical practices in fashion. LVMH is one of the last remaining luxury fashion brands that still uses fur.

LVMH is the largest and wealthiest corporation in Europe, managing 75 brands and 14 fashion brands, none of which have enacted a fur-free policy. Several of their brands, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Loro Piana sell fur in their stores. By enacting a fur-free policy, LVMH can set a positive example for the industry and contribute to a more humane and responsible future in fashion.

Through targeted advocacy, the ADL aims to apply sustained pressure on LVMH, encouraging them to consider the ethical and moral implications of fur production. The ADL remains unwavering in our commitment to this campaign until LVMH declares a fur-free policy.


Z Crave
In February, 2024 ZCRAVE announced that they are going fur free! This is an amazing win for the animals. Thank you to everyone who showed up to the protests, left comments, made phone calls, and sent emails. This was a true group effort and this victory would not have been possible without all of you. The foxes on fur farms are lucky to have you all fighting for them.

Paul Stuart
In August of 2023, Paul Stuart declared a fur-free policy! This announcement comes just under a week after we launched this campaign. The decision by Paul Stuart to go fur-free sets an admirable precedent for the rest of the fashion industry and represents a commitment to a more ethical world for animals. We hope that luxury fashion brands will follow in their steps.
Thank you to all the animal rights groups in NYC, DC and Chicago who spent hours protesting in front of stores, and thank you to the activists who joined in the campaign by calling the stores to demand a fur-free policy. This victory was truly a collective effort.

Max Mara
Due to ongoing pressure by the NYC ADL and animal rights organizations around the country Max mara has taken a significant step in the right direction by discontinuing the sale of fur products in the United States. While we appreciate the positive step Max Mara has taken in the U.S., it is essential to recognize that animal welfare knows no borders. Animal rights groups in Europe continue to pressure Max Mara to extend its fur free policy worldwide because the sale of fur remains inhumane regardless of geographical location. Please join us in urging Max Mara to enact a company-wide fur free policy.

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A few moments of your time can make a big difference for animals: Please urge LVMH to ban fur from Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and all its other brands today!


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